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  • Punched Type
  • Strip Channel Type
  • Twist Type
  • fill material

  • Synthetic resins
  • Type Feature Chemical resistance Use Standard
    Nylon *great elasticity and dynamic stability
    *wear resistance
    *excellent cleaning power
    *Resistant to alkali
    *weak at thick hydrochloric acid, thick acid, phenol
    *great specific gravity
    *LCD, PDP Glass Cleaing
    *Filim Cleaning
    *Semiconductor Mold Cleaning
    *paper-manufacturing, textile manufacturing
    *steel sheet and PIPE Cleaning
    Nylon 612
    Nylon 66
    Nylon 6
    (Dupont Tynex,Toray)
    P.P *great elasticity but a lot of abrasion
    *excellent cleaning power
    *Resistant to alkali and acid
    *not melt in a solvent
    *Road cleaning
    *Conveyor Belt Cleaning
    *Steel sheet, Mesh Belt Cleaning
    P.E *Strong and great elasticity *Resistant to alkali and acid *Apple sorter
    *Conveyor Belt Cleaning
    *great elasticity and dynamic stability
    *wear resistance
    *made of Nylon material contain abrasive material such as A/O, S/C etc. *nonferrous metals grinding
    *PCB grinding
    *timber, furniture grinding
    #46, #60, #80, #100
    #180, #240, #320
    #500, #600, #800
    Antistatic brush *Nylon + Carbon
    *Acrylic + Cu
    *control and remove static electricity with no scratch
    *반도체 Marking후 Cleaning
    *LCD,PDP Glass Cleaing
    *Filim Cleaning
  • Metal timber
  • Synthetic resins Feature Use Standard
    Steel *high degree of hardness
    *weak at acid and water
    *removing rust of steel sheet
    *hairline before sealing
    *molting enamel coating
    *road cleaning
    Stainless steel
    (SUS304, SUS316)
    *resistance to acids and alkali
    *low degree of hardness
    *wear resistance
    *same usage as steel
    *work in aqueous solution and acid solution
    Copper, brass *weak at acid, water
    *low degree of hardness
    *removing bur in nonferrous metal
    *polishing, finishing alloy products
  • Animal timber
  • Type Feature Usage Standard
    Hog bristle *great dynamic stability and elasticity
    *Resistant to alkali and acid
    *tend to loss hair
    *cleaning various kinds of products
    *Conveyor및 Mesh Belt Cleaning
    Approximately 49~127m/m
    Horse Hair *great dynamic stability and elasticity
    *prevent static electricity
    *PCB Cleaning
    Approximately 250~600m/m
    Wool *soft and flexible *use in paper- manufacturing
    *cleaning and polishing
    Approximately 40~100m/m
  • Plant timber
  • Type Feature Usage Standard
    Tampico *Resistant to alkali and acid
    *absorb water well
    *heat- resistant
    *polishing timber, plywood
    *removing impurities on steel sheet
    Appproximately 120~380m/m
    팜화이바(파머) *absorb water well
    *serious ageing
    *use in polisher Coconut tree fiber